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This picture was taken about a half hour ago.  We saw the sign on our way to Rome.  I asked LW if I had seen what I thought I had seen.  We were both blown away.  He thinks it might just be the most un-Christian statement he has ever seen. 

Oh and that gray t-shirt that I'm wearing is this year's SELF t-shirt.  Isn't that just perfect.
  • Oh my word. I wish I had something pithy to say. But it scares me to think they are preaching that to people.
  • Seems like a very common way of thought for small southern baptist churches.
  • Oh well we are going to HELL aren't we?
  • State?

    Rome in which state?

    Anne Onimos
    • Re: State?

      Well considering she's wearing a SELF shirt, I'm going to say probably Rome, GA?
  • Ha! I found this via neatorama and am laughing my socks off. Thanks for the culture shock hon!
  • Hey! A Neatorama mention! Congrats, and great sign! I bet that's a small congregation.
    • (Anonymous)
      Man is sinful from birth. If left to our own devices, without Christ, we are a slave to sin or as the billboard announces a "slave to Satan." By "free thinker," the Pastor is presumably referring to someone who is not guided by scripture or the Holy Spirit, but instead considers himself an autonomous free agent and is left in their sin.

      This makes sense from a Christian theological perspective, but no doubt seems foolish to non-Christians.

      • Seems foolish to this Christian. Baptist Christian I might add. Are you afraid to reveal yourself, or have you merely forgotten to log in?
        • Free Thought

          Came over from Neatorama, so I don't have a LiveJournal account.

          The Pastor may be referring to the Free Thought Society, which is prevalent on college campuses (campi?) and has argued against the existence of Jesus, among other wacked out positions.

          If this is what he's referring to, makes 100% total sense to this Catholic Christian (who would not even be acknowledge as Christian by the pastor in question, most likely).
          • Re: Free Thought

            Nope, you sure wouldn't Baptists think Catholics are going to hell because they pray to Mary and pray to idols and statues. And dead people.

            It's hard to tell what this pastor is referring to, but he's trying to cause discussion and probably some offense. A lot of pastors think that offensive or questionable statements will get the attention of unbelievers and make them listen.

            But it puts off a lot of believers. It did this one anyway.

            So why did you decide to comment to ME? A lot of others seem more offended and more sarcastic in their comments.
            • Re: Free Thought

              Oh, those who are very offended/sarcastic are probably not open to thinking about something differently. I don't waste a lot of time with these folks; they have already decided something, and please don't confuse them with the facts, damnit! :)

              I respect those Baptists who think I'm a hellion. They are sincere. Sincerely wrong, but sincere. And there is always the chance that they will reflect on the Bible, Church History and the teachings of Jesus and realize that they are in error on a number of issues. But I digress.

              Those who sincerely wonder just what the heck this guy is trying to say may be able to see a different perspective. I obviously do not have a hotline to this pastor's thoughts. He may be a strict anti-free-will Baptist who rejects all "free thought", which would certainly be a minority Christian perspective (in fact, there is a branch of the Baptist Church specifically called Free Will Baptists!)

              That said, he most likely is reacting against the Free Thought Society, a 1984-esque name for folks who deny that Jesus even *existed*. Yep, not that He's God's Son, but that He never walked the planet.

              Given the large volume of historical, non-Christian evidence, this is just downright ridiculous. I attended a "debate" at Ohio State when I was in grad school between Free Thinkers and Christians. My roommate was (and is) a solid atheist, and he grimaced in pain when he heard their arguments. He must have said a dozen times "This is not a true atheist's intellectual position". It steamed him more than it did me; I just laughed that someone could let their particular desires trump reason.

              It's always the whackos who create the greatest misunderstandings to any intellectual debate.
      • Doesn't belief in an omnipotent god mean there's no sin?

        I mean, if the god being described by various posters is the assumed one, you know, the Judeo-Christian omnipotent, omniscient bearded (misogynistic) creator etc who knows everything past, present and *future*, then we know there can be no such thing as "sin."

        Sin being defined as doing (or thinking) something against that god's will.

        Because if that god already knows *everything*, including what choice you're going to make, everything has been predetermined and you have no free will to even decide and, therefore, nothing is a sin.

        And if (s)he doesn't know everything, they're not god. Or maybe the simpler answer is the right one here ...

        There is no god. No evidence (make sure you know the difference between evidence and proof before flaming) of god. And we have freewill. And there is no such thing as sin in a religious sense.
  • Where was this?

    I'm the Anonymous Catholic dude who left a couple of other comments in the threads.

    Where was this? What would make the most sense, to me, is to call Mr. Shedo and ask him, y'know, what he meant. :) I found several Harmony Baptist Churches, but can't tell which one is his. I'd guess the one in Toney, Alabama... but there's no phone number, alas.
  • Saw a similar sign yesterday...

    You can't stumble if YOU ARE ON YOUR KNEES!

    No s**t?!?
  • that sign is scary.

    Then why give us free will, if we're not encouraged to think on our own?
    It's never made any sense to me.
    • Re: that sign is scary.

      In Biblical canon, we weren't given free will...we got it once Satan presented the apple from the tree of knowledge to Eve, and she accepted it.
  • My page hit counter.


    I posted your pic on my StumbleUpon blog ( just yesterday and now have over 6666 hits (evil grin) on that image so far. Seems REASONable to me...

    Thanks for sharing.
    androidny (
    • Re: My page hit counter.

      That is a pretty high number. I've been waiting for them to put up something equally as bad but so far they have been going with the standard stuff.
  • (Anonymous)
    I think Robert Green Ingersoll said it best… “I will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds if they accord liberty to me. If they hold thought to be dangerous – if they aver that doubt is a crime, then I attack them one and all, because they enslave the minds of men.”
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